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Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets
Every one of us has hidden inner wisdom. Secrets passed down from our ancestors, information that is veiled and yet to be discovered. You have the ability to tap into this, into the gifts of your lineage, and into your own unique gifts. 
In the same way that the caduceus is the initiator and the initiate wrapped together around the sacred knowledge, you are your ancestors and your own consciousness learning to expand your own sight, your own knowledge. 
What you will need:
*Heka Kyphi Incense, charcoal and burning vessel
*Madjet Anointing Oil
*Caduceus Altar Piece
*Optional, a journal 
Clear your space, or cast your circle. Ensure you are in a quite and secure space. Light your incense, be sure to be in a ventilated area. While this is burning, sit quietly and take 10 deep breaths in, and out to ground yourself. 
Use your Madjet anointing oil to anoint yourself. Take a drop and gently press it to your third eye, between your brows. You may also press a drop over your heart space. 
Place your caduceus in front of you. Gently, with your ring finger, representing Venus, trace the snakes starting at the top of one, ending with the top of the other. While doing this say or think "My temple is balanced, bringing deeper and more abiding levels of knowledge". 
Now gently again, but this time with your pinky finger, representing Mercury, trace the snakes. And again, "My temple is balanced, bringing deeper and more abiding levels of knowledge".  
Close your eyes, and take 5 deep breaths in, and out. Picture a golden wand with a glowing pinecone atop. Visualize two serpents, entwined with each other and slowly winding up the pole. This is representative of our expanding knowledge. As the serpents get closer to the top, visualize the top of your own head glowing gold like the pinecone. Expanding. Receiving. Now listen, what messages are you hearing. What imagery comes up for you. Let your inner knowledge come forth and guide you. 
Once you're ready, come back to. Take a few deep breaths, and unicast the circle. Take a moment to write down what you saw and what you heard. Repeat this practice often, you will find more opens up to you, and recording this will help keep it in your memory. 

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