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Awaken Meditation

Awaken Meditation
Ostara is the time of year where the earth starts to slowly wake from its long slumber, and where we emerge from the slumber of our psyche. During the dark half of the year we naturally want to pull inward, preparing for the work that is to come in the light half of the year. At this time it is really important to be mindful about how we wake our energy and our magic. Is your awakened energy birthing back into chaos? Or mindful practice and ritual, a space where we can flourish, empower ourselves and strengthen ourselves for our new yearly chapter.
This can be done daily, at the beginning of your day is preferred when creating a meditation ritual. Having this be a daily practice, it's best to set up a meditation space, preferably in front of your personal altar where you can easily go to sit when you are ready. 
Here's what you'll need: 
-A candle, Use the Eostre Candle for the changing of the season
-A comfortable pillow or something to sit on that is comfortable
-Incense or herbal smoke
-A bell (Optional)
Set up your meditation space by placing your candle in a safe to burn area, placing your pillow or seat where you can place your hands on the ground easily, and arranging the altar space in a way to celebrate the warming of the earth. Fresh flowers are a preferred offering when working with the archetype of either Eostre or Gaia. Light your candle and your incense. When you are ready to start your meditation, ring your bell three times. 
Taking a deep breath in, and out again, place both your hands on the floor. Focusing your mind and attention to your hands, envision warmth emanating from the ground into your palms. Rooting yourself to the earth through your hands, and allowing the earth to warm you in return, envision that warmth travelling up your arms, with every heartbeat and every breath, up to your shoulders, into your heart space, up to the tip of your crown and down to the root of your pelvis.
Allow yourself to sit in the warmth, the energy of the earth itself until you feel grounded, calm and secure. Like the energy and warmth is a blanket of comfort, holding you in the nurturing embrace of Gaia herself. When you feel you are complete in this, place your hands together to create a circuit  of  this energy for 3 deep breaths in and out. Ring the bell 3 times to complete your ritual, and thank the earth for holding you. 

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