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Creating a Prosperity Bottle

Creating a Prosperity Bottle
Witch Bottles is essentially a spell in a bottle or jar, sealed up for potency. Prosperity bottles can be used for attracting money, items and opportunities. Using herbs, oils, intent and more, you can create a powerful abundance or prosperity spell to keep in an area that will benefit your cause. Place it on your altar, in your work space, or home.
What you'll need:
-Glass vial with cork
-Paper and pen or pencil
-Abundance Ritual Oil
-Candle and matches
-I Ching Coin
-Prosperity Herbs
Create your sacred space, or cast your circle. Take a moment to meditate in silence, bringing forward your hopes, dreams and needs. On the piece of paper write these down, or create a sigil that represents these. Add this to your bottle. 
Place the stones in, and say 'money flow'.
Add the herbs, and say 'money grow'.
Add a few drops of oil and say 'money shine, money mine'.  
Cork your bottle, visualizing the abundant and prosperous energy that you will be encapsulating. Wrap the twine around the neck of the bottle, and tie two knots. As you're doing this, again repeat 'money flow, money grow, money shine, money mine'. At this time you can either tie the I Ching coin to the bottle, or choose to adhere it to the top of the cork by placing it there before you start to seal with wax. 
Light your candle, and carefully drip the wax on top of the cork, letting it drip down the sides, sealing it. Be careful not to burn yourself! Once the wax has cooled, place the bottle in the desired spot (an altar being ideal). 

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