Embracing the Shadows

Embracing the Shadows

In the mythos of Persephone there's many lessons to be learned, but one of the most overlooked lessons is that of embracing the duality of our nature. While Persephone was resistant to embrace the Underworld as she was kidnapped and tricked, once Hades and Demeter struck a deal on Persephone's surface visit every year, she came to accept the hand that was dealt and became a strong and fearless Ruler of the Underworld and protector of lost souls. We can reflect this in our lives with a simple ritual, of connecting to our shadow selves.

What you'll need:
-Just yourself and your journal babe!
Optional: Candles, incense, and a comfortable space to sit or lay in to
have a quiet moment of meditation.


To begin, set your space and get comfortable. Take a moment to connect with the cave within, the depths of your heart space. Close your eyes and put your hands over your heart. With each heart beat, envision yourself going further into the darkness of the cave. When you think you've reached the depths, keep going. We're going into the underworld of our psyche, where we store things we'd rather not face or look at. Once you've gone so far into the darkness where you feel you might get lost, envision a torch lighting the way, light flooding in a small cavern and slowly look around. There will be shadows behind the light, and these shadows are what we are going to acknowledge, and embrace. If they are things you don't want sitting in your space, bring the torch into that space and chase them away. Stay here and explore, until you feel like you've acknowledged everything lurking within.

 Once you are ready, find your way back to the surface with your torch to guide you. Grab your journal and ask yourself:

Did I find anything there surprising? What did I release, and what did I leave behind? Use this shadow work practice to explore yourself whenever you're feeling ungrounded or off, explore what's lurking and realign.