Entering the Heart Space

Entering the Heart Space

When we think about love and attraction spells and rituals, we often
think about attracting a new love or partner. What they should really
be is a ritual to fully love and accept ourselves, as we are, where we
are. It's not until we do this, are we able to attract and keep pure
love in our lives. This is where we invite each individual to enter
their heart space.

Here's what you'll need:
-Anointing Oil or Eros Ritual Oil
-Aphrodite Spray or other Attraction Spray
-Heart's Desire Candle
-Quiet Comfortable Space
-Optional, Altar Space adorned with self love items

To get started, find your quiet space, and set it up to be inviting.
So dim the lights, grab a comfortable blanket, and set out your tools.
Clear your space and energy with a mindful spray of your ritual spray,
and light your candle. Anoint your wrists, and over your heart. You
can be sitting or laying down for this, preferably in comfort on the
ground. Take a moment, clear your mind, and close your eyes.

Put one hand over your heart, and another palm down to the ground.
With every breath in, think 'I Accept Love', and picture energy moving
into your heart. With every breath out, think 'I Let Go of Judgment',
and picture that negative energy flowing from your palm to the floor.
These should be deep, slow breaths.

The word 'Love' can be replaced with words like Myself, My Body, My
Courage, Softness, or whatever else you want to accept in. The word
'Judgment' can be replaced with words like Mistrust, Hate, Anxiety, or
whatever you would like to return to the earth. This simple meditation
can be done daily as an act of radical self care.