Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony

Sacred fire ceremonies  are one of the most powerful self care practices you can do.  Looking into the fire clears stress and negativity. This creates space for creativity and abundance to flow. The divine vibrations created in a fire ceremony nourish your body and soul and uplift the world in so many ways. These ceremonies are present in nearly all cultures, best done during a New Moon, when you want to introduce newness into your Life.

You will need:
-Burnable offering, Phoenix Incense with heat proof dish and charcoal
-Candle and lighter or matches
-Small piece of paper and pen

While this is best done outside, it can also be done in a well ventilated area indoors. Our intentions with this ceremony are everything, please be mindful of this while clearing your space. Once you've cleared your space by either meditating with the energy in the area, calling your corners or casting your circle, set your space appropriately.

Begin by lighting your charcoal in it's dish, as this takes a few moments for it to heat appropriately. Light your candle, while doing so, put all your energy into the power of the flame, this sacred flame for healing, purifying and renewal.

Sit in quiet meditation for a few minutes, envisioning a flame in the center of your sacral chakra (center of your pelvis), and see it glow and slowly grow until your inner flame radiates through your whole body and outwards. In this moment, when your fire has radiated out, call in your power, your goals, and new beginnings. Sit with those for a moment longer, and feel the warmth of your fire bring you the comfort and strength to make it all come to fruition.

Now, coming back to awareness, take your pen and paper and write down something that you would like to have fall away, leave behind. A feeling, fear, situation, trauma, person, anything that no longer serves you. Fold the paper, and thank this thing for its service, as it's now served its purpose and offered it's lessons. Burn this paper in the flame, and place it in your dish.

At this time you may now open your space back up, or choose to sit with this a few moments longer. Remember, you are the fire. You have the strength and courage to overcome, to conquer, to thrive. You radiate warmth and comfort, and yet have the power to burn down all that does not serve you. You are the fire, you are the magic.