Healing with Hawthorn

Healing with Hawthorn

The Hawthorne helps us protect what we hold sacred. The world is going through a dramatic change, pushing us to ask, what do we hold sacred? Our lives, yes, but these times have shown us how neglected and taken advantage of our Earth Mother has been. The trees, the sky, the oceans and the aether, they're finally able to breathe and show us what it looks like when we stop doing harm. In this time, we must protect our Earth Mother, heal her, and hold her. We must heal and teach our fellow humans. Encourage this time of healing and growth, and help society keep the course of healing that Danu has started.

For this ritual, you will need the following:
-Hawthorne Tree Essence
-The Morrighan's Call Incense
-Beltane Oil to help envision the birth of a cleaner world
-Dagda's Cauldron Candle to manifest abundance for those in need

Start by calling your corners, casting your circle or cleansing your space. Light your incense, while picturing the great Crow Queen. At this time you may also light your candle, and anoint it or yourself with the Beltane Oil.

To call on the Morrighan, recite the following:

Morrigan of the raven wing, yours the song the slain do sing
Mighty queen of forgotten things, open up the gate
Walk with me as I am strong in serving my purpose

Take 4-6 drops of your Hawthorne Essence, either under your tongue or however you are called to use it. Close your eyes, sit quiet and breathe deep, and slowly, relax your body. Do this until your thoughts are slowed or your mind has cleared.

Once you have cleared your mind, envision the Hawthorne Tree. Picture it in a green grove, roots winding around and into the ground. Picture a bright healing energy filling the tree, going down the trunk and into the ground, radiating into the Grove and spreading into the world. Sit with this radiating and pulsing energy until it fills your mind, your vision and your heart. Feel the joy it brings you, and hold it there. Thank the Hawthorne and the Morrighan for their protection and healing.

Uncast your circle. When these times feel dark, remember the feeling, the joy, the strength. Keep that with you to spread to others. Use the Hawthorne Essence daily to help remember that hope and fortification.