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Inner Light Meditation

Inner Light Meditation
This is a quick meditation that can be done every day to balance our shadow with our light. We are all equipped with both light and dark, and where we find equal ground with them is where we thrive. Our inner light isn't about bypassing struggles and feelings, it's about accepting darkness in gratitude, and transmuting it into light. 
What you'll need: 
A quit and comfortable spot
Light Work Candle (Or any other white candle)
Aura Cleansing Spray 
Sodalite, or stone of preference
Lighter or matches
Gather your tools and set them out in front of you, ensuring the candle is in a safe spot away from any flammable material. Begin by clearing your space, you can do this by casting a circle or creating an energetic boundary. Once you feel a calm in your space, use the Aura Cleansing Spray, spray over the top of your head and let it slowly fall down your body as you take a breathe in and envision the falling mist as a white light falling over your body. Light your candle. 

Allow your body to form in a way that puts your heart forward, shoulders back, spine straight, chest forward, chin slightly up. Sitting and focusing on the candle flame, envision that this is not fire, but a source of cleansing white light. Envision this white light growing, and growing. As it grows, take a thought that you've been struggling with, one from your shadows, and offer it to the light. As you offer your though, you can say "I come in gratitude for your lesson of self awareness". You can do this with one, or many thoughts, I recommend you sit with the flame for at least 5 minutes. 

When you are finished offering your shadows to the light for this moment, thank the light for it's gift of balance, and thank the dark for it's gift of awareness. Close your space by extinguishing your candle (best with a snuffer). 

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