Jupiter In Your Natal Chart

Jupiter In Your Natal Chart

To find your Jupiter placements, simply look up your natal chart on these websites: https://cafeastrology.com ( or ) https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com

Aries- Luck follows you in professions where you can be your own boss. You are a natural leader and will find your fortune in running a business, and when working with other Fire signs.

Taurus- You can find your abundance when working where money grows. Stocks, bonds, investments, especially when working from home, or through the opportunities of marriage. Beware overspending on luxuries!

Gemini- Money tends to come to you through your social circle, with a Jupiter in Gemini it's all about who you know! With a natural knack for finding advantageous situations, you will find your career thriving in the public eye.

Cancer- This is one of Jupiter's luckiest placements. Good humored, witty and optimistic, you will find doors open for you wherever you go. Fortune can favor you in the world of antiques, art museums and culinary. Long term security is where you thrive!

Leo- Look at you shine in the public eye! Luck in your career will likely come through theatre, TV, politics and advertising, but you're only happy with your job if you're climbing your way to the top. Be mindful of becoming power hungry!

Virgo- You have the capacity to build an empire from a shoestring! Your common sense and level head will keep you in pursuit of your goals, Step by step you're able to guide yourself and others in the fields of accounting, organization and communications.

Libra- Here you will thrive in fortuitous partnerships, be it in business, social situations or marriages. Be wary of undergoing financial opportunities on your own, you do best with others! You would make an excellent Judge, Lawyer or Diplomat.

Scorpio- Your influence and magnetism is next level! Use this in positions where you need to understand the inner workings of others. These can include Investigators, psychiatrist, or politician. It's likely you'll come into inheritances in your lifetime.

Sagittarius- Jupiter is home here, and offers the opportunity for great financial gain, but be mindful of excessive spending, or you'll lose all the gains! Often giving up well paying positions to pursue your passions, you do well in diplomacy, philosophy and literature,

Capricorn- Your ambition and willpower will take you far if you let it! You do best in a position of power, and have a great instinct for business and resource building. You may be able to find great long term success in investing, stocks, and trading. Just mind the budget!

Aquarius- A creature of the modern age, seek out a career in TV, electronics, space engineering, computers and AI. These forward moving professions will keep you motivated. You like to see the broader picture, and merging science and nature in innovative ways.

Pisces- Your tender nature will have you thriving in areas of social work and human relations. Be wary of letting positions like this weigh down your beautiful heart! A work life balance and good understanding of empathetic boundaries is what's needed.