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Lunar Manifestation

Lunar Manifestation
Meditation can be a valuable tool when we are setting goals, intentions or manifesting. When working with the phases of the moon, we can harness its power and use it to amplify our own. When doing a lunar manifestation ritual, make sure to do it on the moon phase that corresponds with our intentions. 
Phases and their meanings:
New Moon- New Beginnings, Intention Setting, Cleansing
Waxing Moon- Learning, Growth, Transformation
Full Moon- Fulfillment, Healing, Psychic Abilities 
Waning Moon- Transitions, Releasing, Uncrossing
Tools you will need:
Moon Magic Candle, Intention Setting Sheet + Pen, Lunar Work Oil Blend, Jasmine Flowers
Setting the Stage- Create a sacred space. You can do this by casting a circle, calling the corners, or clearing and cleansing. Ready your tools. Set out your paper and pen, remove the paper from the candle and set it upright in a heat proof dish. Place several dried Jasmine flowers around it's base, and a few drops of the lunar work oil. 
Clear your mind, and take a moment to think on the writing prompts. What would you like to manifest? Be specific, and provide details. What would you like to let go of? Are there feelings, habits, thoughts or emotions that seem to be lingering? Write these down and do so with the intention that they're not yours to hold onto anymore. 
Close your eyes and take 3 slow breaths. Visualize what it is that you want to manifest, or an intention you'd like to set. Visualize it in a bubble. Every breathe you take, envision the bubble getting slightly larger, with your intentions growing with it. Now visualize what it is that you'd like to let go, and put all of it into another bubble. On your next inhale, focus on the negative bubble, and on your exhale, pop the bubble with the negative and watch everything disappear with it. Focus back on your manifestation bubble, and visualize it melding into your aura, and becoming one with your essence and energy. Take your time with this meditation, don't rush it. 
Once you feel calm and uplifted with your intentions and manifestations as part of your energy, close your sacred space with gratitude. Fold up your intention setting and releasing paper, and either place it folded in a safe space or bury it. 

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