Within the Crossroads

Within the Crossroads

This ritual works best if you're at a physical 3 way crossroads, so
before you begin look for one in your area that is safe at night. The
Queen of the Crossroads, Hecate (or Hekate) is known of the protector
of witches, the triple goddess and more, and she's been known as the
light in the darkness to help you find your way through. As she rules
the crossroads, we may go to them, to go to her. This is where you go
when you are looking for uncrossing, when you feel stuck and aren't
sure where to go or what to do.

Here's what you'll need:
-A 3 way crossroad, one free of traffic and one that is safe at night,
cannot be paved
-An apple, cut so that the pentacle of seeds makes itself known
-A stick, wand or something else to mark the earth

Before you go:
It is wise to sit with yourself, and look for your wisdom within so you
are fully aware of your personal situation in life, and what you would
like to change. Doing this with a candle, a ritual soak, or mindful
meditation is recommended beforehand.

The night after a full moon is the optimal time to make this offering,
and make sure the moon is not Void of Course. Bring your offering to
the 3 way crossroads. Again make sure this is not in a trafficked area.
Once you have arrived, sit in the crossroads in quiet meditation, the
Queen of the Crossroads Candle can be helpful in this. Think, or say
out loud your intention:

"Heate, Queen of the Crossroads, I seek you and your wisdom". Sit with
this for as long as you need. You will feel when it is right to begin.

Draw a triangle, or triple moon in the center of the Crossroad, and
place your offering in the center. At the least, this will be your cut
apple. You can also bring anything she would see fit, baneful flowers,
sweets and more,making sure it is biodegradable. Sitting in front of
the offering, say or loud or think:

"Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads, I offer this for your guidance"

Sitting in front of your offering, you can begin to think or say what
it is you're seeking guidance on. Sit in this meditation in the
crossroads for as long as you need to feel complete. Thank her for her
time, and guidance. Please do not attempt this ritual without an
offering, or if it is unsafe in the area.