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Apple & Agate Homegrown Tree Essence


A magical witchcrafted collaboration between A Force of Nature Witch and Hag Swag.

This essence was created on Tuesday, a day associated with courage, strength, wards and protection. The moon was new and the veil was thin as Samhain approached. As the oldest cultivated tree in Europe, the Apple tree has a relationship with humans that dates back to prehistoric times. Whether you are bobbing for apples at a fall festival, or preparing your table with apples for the Dumb Supper,
apples are connected with Samhain. This is why I chose to create this essence of protection at this time.

The Apple tree has many associations and among them is that of protection. When you cut an apple in half you can see a five pointed star. The pentacle, often associated with witches, can be worked with as a potent talisman of protection. Trees in general are grounded, deeply rooted and resilient beings who can weather most any storm. This essence imbues the same in you.

Fire Agate compliments this essence by keeping your fire stoked during The winter months.
You can call on this essence to create a protective shield for you. In your mind's eye, place yourself in the center of the pentacle with a circle of fire surrounding you. Know that anything out of alignment with your highest well-being can not cross.

Affirmation to speak when working with this essence: "I am resilient and safe. My inner flame is awake and aware."

How to connect with this essence: By working with this essence, you are committing to a conversation (at least) and a devotional practice (at most) with the spirits associated with the essence. The spirit of Apple tree and the spirit of Fire Agate can speak to you through your
dreams and in your waking hours. I suggest asking these spirits how you can best work with their essence. They may suggest ingesting a few drops on the tongue or possibly a few drops in the bath! Shut out the noise and listen to your intuition on this one.

Ingredients: Essence water of Apple tree and Fire Agate rock preserved in Brandy

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