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Dearinth Mini Altar


Size:  6"

Dearinth Mini Altar - Votive Candle Holder by artist Oberon Zell. This "Dearinth" is a unique variation on the ancient labyrinth, a single path leading around and around, doubling back upon itself multiple times, leading into the center, and back out again. It is seen as a path of pilgrimage or initiation, and large-scale labyrinth patterns have been found throughout the world over several thousand years, intended to be walked as a meditation.
The Dearinth comprises nine circuits' representing the orbits of the nine planets of our solar system. Following the recessed path will take you through all nine circles while also tracing the outlines of the God and Goddess, which are both integral and immanent in the design. The sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth is beautifully represented here as Mother Earth reaches up to embrace Father Sky, while He reaches down to embrace Her.

In this 3-D representation, the God and Goddess are removable, and may be placed upright in recesses in the base. The round central cavity thus revealed is intended for a tea light or votive candle, which will then cast large shadows of the God and Goddess upon the walls of your room.

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