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Juniper + Celestite 12:12 Portal Essence


"I stood there with my hand holding branch, forehead against the trunk of a very tall Juniper, and asked them 'What do you want people to know about your essence?'" Juniper replied, not with words but with transmitted sensations- 
A deep experience of anchoring within my own body. 
A sigh of acceptance and peace in the present moment. 
A feeling of having found a safe space to exist. 
A knowing that my emotional being is a gift and not a burden.  

Juniper has a way of reminding you that your emotions do not define you.  You are safe.  You, a stunningly unique cosmic collaboration, are safe to experience the depths, heights and vast expanse of human emotion.  You are safe to allow your experience to consume and create you.  This is the gift- to be so intertwined with your body, mind and spirit that you accept the waves in every moment; not fighting or struggling, but inviting the inevitable truth in a way that there is no other option but to be transformed by it.   

Juniper, with their everlasting embodiment of strength in support and nourishment, has a spirit that reminds us of what it is to BE HERE NOW.  Juniper also realizes that although simple, this task is not easy.  Tree spirit essences are incredible at assisting us through challenging tasks such as these. 
Juniper asked to be paired with Celestite for reasons unknown to me until I began writing this description. 

Celestite has a way of assisting humans to gradually ascend the mental body so that "irrational" ideas, beliefs, thoughts or feelings begin to make sense in the rational mind, essentially expanding what you perceive as "rational".  In this way, Celestite aids Juniper in calling to the surface the "superhuman" abilities present within the human, specifically as it relates to the emotional expression.  What once seemed impossible needs only a change of perception, or expression, to suddenly seem possible. 

Juniper + Celestite will aid you in deeper self discovery, self support and self growth through acceptance and expression of the emotional self. 

This essence is especially beneficial for those who experience emotional highs and lows, those avoiding emotional highs and lows, as well as those who are desiring a deeper connection with their emotional landscape.   


15ml Tree + Gemstone Essence preserved in Brandy

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