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July's Sacred Self Box is on sale June 17th ~ Shipping out the middle of July.

Kitchen Witch


Basil Herb

The scent of basil can encourage empathy and sympathy between people, or soothe tempers between lovers. Basil can bring wealth into a place of business, or prosperity when carried in your pocket. Long used as a prosperity herb, the influence of Mars and Fire make this herb a great activator.


Unakite Stone

Often known as the “The Stone of Couples”, it brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Nature's most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It is said to be a stone of vision, opening the third eye and useful for scrying.


Wildcraft Mercantile Eat Wild Seasoning

Add delicious, nutritious flavour to any dish. Featuring wild harvested and home grown botanicals. Ingredients: nettle leaf, calendula petal, parsley, garlic, nutritional

yeast, basil, dill weed, marjoram, parsley, savory, thyme, love. @wild_craft_shop

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Kitchen Cleansing Spray

All purpose antibacterial spray to be used to clear out the stagnant or negative energy before or after cooking. You are what you eat, so make sure your cooking space is clear of both bad pathogens and energies. Please do a test spot before applying liberally. Just spray and wipe. Featuring Fir Needle, Birch, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. 


Spiced Kitchen Oil 

This spiced oil carries some heat, which can be used to heat up your live in matters of love or motivation. Add to the cooking or finishing of dishes, but please note this infused oil may be spicy! Use a small amount and add as needed. Do not apply topically. Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli Pepper, Coriander, Fennel


Kitchen Witch Mug

Adorned with the Veldismagn, which was traditionally drawn over the doors and windows of houses as a symbol of good health. It was believed that the Veldismagn prevents diseases and germs from entering the house, we believe using it on a drinking vessel will also keep these at bay from your body. This is a 10 ounce ceramic mug, with a non-slip silicone ring. 


Bless This Hearth Witch Bottle DIY

Create a battery for your Hearth or Kitchen area that encourages health and joy. We've included a candle for sealing your jar, and a few herbs to get you started. This finished bottle can be kept either tucked away otr displayed. For full instruction on how to use this bottle, please refer to this month's Grimoire Page.

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