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Vardø Ritual Chime Candle Set


In the seventeenth century, a series of witch trials occurred in Norway, of which the Vardø witch trials were among the most substantial. Over a hundred people were tried for witchcraft, with 77 women and 14 men being burned at the stake. The northern district of Finnmark, within which Vardø lies, experienced the highest rate of accusations of witchcraft of any part of Norway, and an unusually high proportion of executions arising from the trials. The trials peaked in 1662–1663. In 2011, the Steilneset Memorial was opened. The memorial was designed by artist Louise Bourgeois and architect Peter Zumthor and is the most substantial witch memorial we know of.

Burn the black and white candles in memoriam of the men and women lost, and with the intent of protection for witches in the eye of persecution past, present and future.

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