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Smokey Quartz Tower
Smoky quartz is a great protector, purifier, and gatekeeper. Work with
these potent smoky quartz generators to bring protection to you and
your sacred spaces and to align your energy. This grounding property
of Smokey Quartz, combined with the energy of these Tower cuts, makes
these pieces ideal for manifestation programs, in grids or alone.

Mullein Herb
Mullein is one of the best spiritual allies when there is a need for
energetic alignment.  When a person's energy is scattered all over the
place, and they need to focus and direct their energies, mullein can
be a great help. Mullein can be used to see manifestations of spirits,
to see into the otherworld, and to commune with the spirits and
deities who dwell there.

Seven Sisters Shield Spray
Psychic protection in a bottle that you can take anywhere!  This
amethyst infused elixir is full of powerful herbal spirits that invoke
THE SHIELD against psychic attacks and psychic vampires. To Use: Spray
over your entire body from crown to feet (or spray above the head and
allow to cascade over the body).

Uncrossing Salts
Expel negative energy, break blockages and remove hexes. A salt blend
featuring Hyssop, Agrimony, Sage and Lavender, you can use this in
uncrossing spells, in the bath, around candles and so much more.

Wicked House Mercantile Protection Herb
This Protection Blend consists of Pine, Lilac, Lavender, Bay, White
Sage, Sandalwood. Burn on charcoal, add to sachet, use for spell work,
charge your protection salts and so much more.

Apple + Agate Essence
A beautiful collaboration with A Force of Nature Witch, you can call
on this essence to create a protective shield for you.  In your mind's
eye, place yourself in the center of the pentacle with a circle of
fire surrounding you.  Know that anything out of alignment with your
highest well-being can not cross.  Affirmation to speak when working
with this essence:  "I am resilient and safe.  My inner flame is awake
and aware."

Hecate's Protection Devotional Candle
4 ounce 100% pure soy candle, hand poured exclusively for you. Beloved
Hekate, defender of the weak, protector of those who fear the might of
the wicked, for whom each step into the dark is filled with dread, I
pray to you, I ask your favor. Goddess, preserve my home and my family
from evil, guard us well against all that would do us harm. Goddess,
hold back the dangers of the dark, grant me wisdom and courage that I
may face my fears and my foes with open eyes.

Circle of Protection Body Butter
Some of the most potent magic comes in our small day to day devotions
and rituals. This butter has been magically infused ritual oils to
help create a barrier of protection for you day to day wear. Simply
apply to skin, saying or thinking your intentions for self
fortification. This combined with the most important ritual of all,
self care, will help protect you from unwanted day to day energies.

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